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Swiss+Tech Tools Model UKCSS Utili-Key 6-in1- Key ring companion Solid Stainless steel clamshell package

The one thing you’re most likely to have with you (almost) all the time is your keychain – so why not put something useful on it? At first glance, the Swiss+Tech Tools Model UKCSS Utili-Key looks just like any other key. When you open it up, you’ll find that it’s actually 6 tools in 1.

Here’s what you get:
– straight knife blade
– a serrated cutting surface
– a micro-sized screwdriver
– a Phillips screwdriver
– an eyeglass screwdriver
– bottle opener

The whole thing weighs in at only 0.5 oz, so you won’t notice it among your other keys. While well made, the Utili-Key is not suitable for heavy duty tasks. However, since you always have it with you, it could get you out of a tough spot. The Utili-Key probably won’t pass the TSA folks at airports (it’s on the banned items list), but it should be useful everywhere else.

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