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Nite Glowring Glow Ring - Daytime Nite Glowring Glow Ring - Night

If anyone had ever told me that I would be carrying around a vial of radioactive material everywhere, I would have said that they were crazy. Not any more. The Glowring is a waterproof, sturdy portable lighting source that needs no batteries and will last for a decade or more.

Glowrings are actually laser sealed borosillicate glass vials which are internally coated with phosphor injected with gaseous tritium which reacts with the phosphor to create a cold energy which produces a low level light source with no filaments or heat disipation and no risk of fire or explosion. Yes, tritium is a radioactive material but the amount in the Glowring is very small, so there should be no adverse effects.

They are unaffected by water, oil and most corrosive materials and require no external power source or exposure to light, remaining fail-safe and maintenance free with a lifetime in excess of 10-20 years. Glowrings come in three colours : blue, green and pink. Size-wise, it’s slightly larger than an AAA battery.

While the Glowring is not bright enough for reading or area lighting, it’s extremely useful as a marker light or to find your stuff in the dark. I have my green Glowring coupled with my primary night use flashlight. It’s very easy to find my flashlight now!

Glowrings are also great for keyrings, and other gear that you need to grab in an emergency such as your Bug Out Bag or your Personal Survival Kit.

I bought my Glowring from CandlePowerForums member merkava, and I have to say I’m quite pleased with the service. You can order your own Glowring from him here. One Glowring costs US$14 while a pack of three costs US$39.95.

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