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Ultimate Survival Tool Kit

A few days ago, I received The Ultimate Survival Tool Kit by Survival Incorporated, which I bought from eBay. The kit that I bought was the NRA version, which is identical to the retail version except for one item. Over the weekend I went to the seaside to test the kit.

What’s in the kit:
– BlastMatch Fire Starter
– WetFire Tinder (two pieces, individually wrapped)
– StarFlash Signal Mirror
– JetScream Whistle
All this is housed in a custom HardCache Carrying Case. The missing item is the Saber Cut saw, which is a hand-operated wood saw.

Blast Match Fire Starter

BlastMatch Fire Starter
This revolutionary one-handed, all-weather, fire starter generates intensely hot sparks three times hotter than a standard match. BlastMatch is safe, easy-to-use, and works in any weather.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the BlastMatch is how bulky it is. It’s larger than 2 bic lighters. It took me several tries to get a spark, but it was very easy to do it one-handed.

Wet Fire Tinder

WetFire Tinder
This amazing fire starting tinder is non-toxic, odorless, smokeless, and can start a fire even in the driving rain. In fact, WetFire tinder burns longer when wet. A small pile of tinder shavings is all you need to start a roaring fire.

Two individually-wrapped cubes of WetFire tinder were included in the kit. The cubes are very brittle, and when shaved with my German Army Knife, quite a large portion broke off. The tinder caught the spark from the BlastMatch quite easy, lighting in just one try.

Star Flash Signal Mirror

StarFlash Signal Mirror
This signal mirror is unbreakable, can be aimed precisely, floats and can signal for communications up to 100 miles away. It can be used around camp to apply first aid or camouflage. StarFlash is the standard issue signal mirror of the U.S. Air Force and other government agencies.

I didn’t flag down any rescue planes with this signal mirror. It feels solid in the hand. On one side is the mirror, and on the other side is printed instructions on how to aim the mirror at your target. On a bright, sunny day, I’m certain you could be seen from far away.

Jet Scream Whistle

JetScream Whistle
The JetScream whistle is one of the loudest in the world. JetScream’s ear-piercing shriek can be heard above most natural or man-made noise. Use JetScream in the city or woods for communication and personal protection.

This whistle is large and flat, and emits a loud sound. To my ears, it didn’t sound any louder than similar whistles, although I didn’t do any real tests on it.

HardCache Carrying Case
Not only is the HardCache watertight, it is virtually indestructible. Toss it around, sit on it, or step on it! You’ll have a tough time damaging it. Keep it in your backpack, your glove compartment, your boat, or even your pocket!

I dunked this case in fresh water and salt water, and it kept its contents dry each time. To test the durability of the case, I had my son stand on it (weight : 15 kilos), then my daughter (weight : 30 kilos). Finally, I stepped on it myself (weight : … never mind, but heavy enough). The Hardcache case certainly lives up to its name, and survived with hardly a scratch.

Overall conclusion

The Ultimate Survival Tool Kit is certainly well-built and has good quality components. However, I wouldn’t call it “ultimate” because the included tools are really limited (no knife, no flashlight). The retail price of the Ultimate Survival Tool Kit is quite steep, too, at US$80. However, it does offer some savings over purchasing each item individually. If you’re an NRA member and really want a bargain, hop on over to the NRA webstore to buy the kit for only US$13.

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