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Light My Fire SL3 Knife

The Light My Fire SL3 Knife is an easy to carry package from Tool Logic, which pairs a razor sharp stainless steel knife with a magnesium alloy firesteel firestarter. It even has a built-in emergency signal whistle.

The knife has an 8cm (3.1″) stainless steel blade, 50/50 serration, liner lock mechanism and is optimised for one-handed operation. The Swedish made firesteel combined with a special notch on the SL3 blade delivers an intense shower of sparks at over 2500ºF. Unlike other firestarters, this firesteel will spark even under wet conditions.

Light My Fire Tool Logic SL3 Knife with Firesteel

At just 2.7 oz, the Light My Fire SL3 Knife is perfect for a wide range of uses and it deserves a place in your backpack or emergency survival kit.

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