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Nite-Ize - AA Mini Maglite LED Upgrade Kit

Just about every household would have the ubiquitus Maglite flashlights lying around somewhere. Maglites have the reputation to be tough and reliable. Unfortunately, Maglites have been slow to take advantage of the newer LED technology.

While LED replacement bulbs for Maglites have been available, they usually cost more than the original flashlight itself. Fortunately for us, Nite-Ize has come up with a range of LED replacement kits which are both simple to install, and are relatively affordable. You should be able to pick up the kits for less than US$10 in many retail and online locations.

I recently bought myself the combo upgrade kit (which consists of the 3-LED bulb, replacement reflector and clickie tail-cap) for my Mini Maglite AA. The upgrade process literally took 5 minutes, and the results are impressive. Gone is the sickly yellowy colour of the original incandescent beam, to be replaced by a bright light white beam. The battery life has also been greatly improved, to 4 times longer than the stock bulb, i.e. up to 20 hours.

Maglite has announced their intentions to release a brand new series of LED flashlights this year. Until then, the Nite-Ize upgrade does provide a new lease of life for your older Maglites.

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