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MRE Meal Ready to Eat

One of the most popular options for emergency foodstuff are MREs. MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat) were developed for the military and contain a full meal which includes an entree, dessert and more. MREs can be a bit costly but they are prepared and packed with much thought and care, which means you get a nutritionally balanced meal in a small, slim packet. The question is, how long do they last?

According to MREinfo, it depends on how long they are stored at at what temperatures. The range is quite extreme – between one month and over 10 years! Whether they still taste good after all that time is subject to debate.

MREs - Meals, Ready to Eat

You can get MREs at military surplus stores or eBay, and there are also “commercial” versions which have been developed for civilian use.

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