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Survival Kit in a sardine can

Survival kits come in any number of incarnations these days – from a survival bottle kit to a wallet-friendly survival card. This is the weirdest one yet – Survival Kit in a Sardine Can.

The Survival Kit in a Sardine Can designed for hikers, campers, climbers, boaters, skiers, fishermen, travelers, and cyclists. The compact, crush-resistant, watertight can fits perfectly in your backpack, tote, pockets, luggage, purse, glove box, or boat so it’s convenient and ready when you need it.

Inside you’ll find over 25 items, all of which have primary and secondary uses, including:

– fishing kit
– compass,
– first aid supplies
– duct tape
– matches
– whistle
– signal mirror
– razor blade
– fire starter cube
– chewing gum
– salt
– safety pin

While this kit is probably not the best you can have in emergency situations (the can isn’t resealable, for one), it will make a good gift to start people thinking about the benefits of being prepared.

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