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TerraLux Microstar1 LED replacement

Maglites are probably one of the most popular brands of flashlights today – you probably have one lying around your house somewhere. While to most people, Maglites represent quality, the technology behind Maglites are out of date. For whatever reason, the people behind Maglite have so far failed to deliver a single LED light. You can now give your Maglite a new lease of life by using the TerraLux MicroStar1 LED replacement.

LEDs have many advantages over traditional light bulbs :
– they are durable (won’t break in a fall)
– they use small amounts of energy (your batteries will last longer)
– the LED “bulbs” are good for 100,000 hours or so (never needs replacement, lasts pretty much forever).

The MicroStar1 is a simple drop-in replacement for your AA or AAA Mini Maglite. It has a unique PowerPush feature that keeps light contstant even as batteries get weak. The energy-efficient circuit offers a continuous run time of 6 hours on 2AAA and 18 hours on 2AA.

If you want more “kick” on your light, try the TerraLux MiniStar2, which has a more powerful 1-watt Luxeon LED capable of delivering a super high-intensity fixed light beam, 10x brighter than a stock Maglite bulb.

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