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One of the reasons people usually give for not carrying a personal survival kit, or even just a blade and a light, is that they are bulky. I have tried for ages to get my wife to carry an LED light and a small knife, but even with handbags there’s no available space! If a Victorinox Pioneer is too much for you, consider the Victorinox Swiss Army SwissCard Lite : a complete toolkit that fits in your wallet, purse, or pocket.

The Swisscard is about the size of a credit card (8.1 x 5.3cm) , and the thickness of two cards (3.5mm). Yet it packs a lot of functionality, and has a dozen tools :

– blade/letter opener
– scissors
– magnifying glass
– straight pin
– press ballpoint pen
– ‘Quattro screwdriver’ (3mm, 5 mm, Philips screwdriver 00-0 and 1-2)
– red LED light
– ruler (in cm and inches)
– tweezers

The red LED is extremely low-power so you don’t really have to worry about changing batteries. That said, it provides a miniscule amount of light, and would only be truly useful in total darkness.

Available in translucent red, blue and black, you’ll find that the SwissCard makes a great gift, and probably a keeper. My wife now carries hers religiously; she makes extensive use of both the tweezers and the scissors.

While the tools in the SwissCard are well-made, they should not be considered your primary survival equipment. However, the SwissCard is more likely to be carried on your person at all times – and in some situations, they may be all you have.

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