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As we have mentioned before, one of the best online resources of emergency preparedness information is Doug Ritter’s Equipped To Survive. There’s a ton of information that may take you a while to go through and digest. Now there’s an easier way to learn about emergency preparedness and survival skills – EquippedCast – The Equipped to Survive Podcast.

In case you are new to podcasts, a podcast is simply an MP3 file that you can “subscribe” to. You can have the MP3 file automatically downloaded to your computer or to your portable music player such as the iPod. You can then listen at your leisure while you’re at your computer or while during your commute.

The first EquippedCast was released earlier this week, and it runs almost 40 minutes, which is around the length of the average commute. In this episode Doug Ritter talks about preparing your 72-hour Kits. He covers quite a lot of ground, including how to store and treat water, and different types of food which are suitable for storage.

The EquippedCast is definitely worth a listen, and I look forward to the next installment!

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