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Survival Kit in a Bottle

The Survival Kit in a Bottle is a great idea. You can buy it off-the shelf or build your own quite cheaply. Putting your survival kit in a nalgene (or similar) bottle makes sure that it is always dry, safe and portable.

Here’s what’s in the Survival Kit in a Bottle :
– 32 oz (1 litre) Water Bottle
– 3″ carabiner attached to loop
– Flashlight
– 2 AA Batteries
– Emergency Blanket
– Poncho/Raincoat
– 5 in 1 Whistle (whistle, signal mirror, flint, compass, waterproof matchbox)

You can obviously customize this kit to your own needs. I would recommend putting in the following:
Swiss Army Knife / small multi-tool
– Small first aid kit
Small LED flashlight for longer battery life and extra durability
– a coil of paracord
– duct tape (a thousand and one uses!)
– bandanna
– pen and paper

With a little bit of thought, you can pack a whole lot into a 1-litre bottle!

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