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LightCap by Simply Brilliant is, well, brilliantly simple. LightCap is a solar powered LED light and water bottle, which should be handy whenever you are out and about .

The LightCap is not only an unbreakable one-liter water bottle, it’s also the coolest solar powered LED light you’ve ever used. The cap has a built-in waterproof solar panel, battery pack and powerful, long-lasting LED light.

The water-bottle and cap combo weighs only 11 oz. The LightCap stands 8 ¼” tall and 3 ¾” wide and has a 32 oz capacity. With just a four-hour charge of sunshine the LightCap will stay bright for hours while the rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries will last for at least 300 cycles.

The solar power unit is totally sealed; in fact, it is molded in from the top (outside) of the cap so there’s no possible contact with the contents of the bottle. There’s also a handy waterproof switch on the cap that lets you change from the white LED (bright), to red (preserves your night vision), or turn it off completely. You can leave the red light on all night (minimal energy draw) so you can easily find the bottle; then switch it to white if you need a light!

LightCap costs US$24.95.

[ via TreeHugger ]

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