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Miox Portable Water Purifier

The MIOX Emergency Portable Water Purifier makes a useful addition to your survival arsenal.

The MIOX was developed for military applications with assistance from Darpa. Cascade Designs (parent company of MSR, Thermarest and others) partnered with the MIOX corporation to develop an entirely new type of portable water purification. Thousands are in use by US and allied troops around the world.

The MIOX is about the size and weight of a mini-MagLight. It runs on CR123 Lithium batteries (common in high-end flashlights) and salt. The MIOX has multiple settings for different volumes of water. A full salt chamber is good for about 12 doses.

* Minimal maintenance and no shelf life: Just replace batteries and salt as needed
* No iodine, no bad taste (unless the water tastes bad already)
* Shock and freeze-proof design
* Operating temperature range: -20F to 160F (-28C to 71C)
* Safety indicator strips help verify purity of worst case liquid scenarios

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