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Photon II Micro LED Keychain Light

You won’t believe how a thing this small can be so bright. The Photon II Micro LED keychain light is a favourite of many – just stick it with your car keys and you will always have it with you. It’s also light enough to hang on your ID card lanyard, or clipped to a belt loop.

The Photon II white-light keychain is a great all-purpose minilight. It’s extremely compact and lightweight yet has a powerful beam. Weighing only 5.5 grams and small enough to disappear under a quarter, the Photon II works well in almost any task. The LED bulb inside is covered by a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee, while the included CR2016 lithium batteries run for 12 to 14 hours of constant use. In addition, the Photon II comes with a slider on/off switch, which means the user doesn’t need to apply continuous pressure to the squeeze button to receive a continuous beam.

Get a couple of Photon II lights – one for you, and one to give away in case of emergencies.

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