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BoatPack – put a boat on top of your car

It’s not unusual to see portable storage units on the roofs of cars or trucks. We’ve also seen canoes and small boats on those roofs. BoatPack looks like a great implementation of a hybrid idea — enough space for your goods AND a boat, too.

Meet the Earl Backcountry Survival Tablet

Tablet computers are all the rage nowadays, and the prices are dropping all the time, too. Keeping your entire survival library on a small, paperback-sized tablet is an attractive proposition — if you discount the short battery life, fragile build and lack of waterproofing.

Building your own tools, post-SHTF

A lot of what we discuss here at Survival Today involves preparation — all the things that we should do before any disaster happens. We should also learn as much as we can about what to do in case the disaster situation is prolonged.

Urban Evac: Considering Prybars versus Lockpicks

Our sister site Urban Evac has an interesting question: in an urban survival scenario, do you use a prybar or a lockpick?

Guest post: Top Emergency Food Supplies for You to Stock At Home

With the recent Superstorm Sandy, a lot of people were unfortunately caught without sufficient food supplies at home. Our Guest Writer Agnes Jimenez shares a timely reminder on the types of food we should stock at home.

Reminder: test your backup power generators

It’s well and good to have an emergency backup power generator on standby, but do you know if your generator is working? There are about 12 million backup power generators today in the US. And yet, many fail due to lack of maintenance.